Tiger Woods Other Woman Rachel Uchitel Denies Affair

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel is the woman who is supposedly coming between Tiger Woods and his wife.  Woods has been in the news lately, after the alleged affair story broke and then of course his crazy early morning escapade that ended with his car wrapped around a fire hydrant and a gash on his face.  There is a lot of speculation that Uchitel led to fighting between Woods and his wife, which ended up causing the one-car crash he was in early Friday morning in front of his house.  While that mystery remains unresolved, some new facts are surfacing surrounding the alleged affair.

Uchitel, a beautiful young “Director of VIP Services” (basically a glorified hostess), is claiming that she never really even met Tiger and certainly did not have an affair with him.  She gave an interview to the New York Post denying all rumors about her and Tiger.  It is a long rambling 4-page piece and isn’t exactly the most interesting read, but the main points are clear:  Uchitel got Tiger and his friends a table at an New York club one time.  Once, a friend of Tiger’s was trying to get table service in Vegas and she was on the phone for 4 hours trying to make that happen.  Then some drunk friend of hers (that was apparently a “whore” and “drug-user” as well) heard the phone conversation and sold the “story” to the Enquirer for $25,000.  Also, she claims she was just coincidentally in Australia at the same time as Tiger, and did not meet him there.

She sounds pretty sincere in the piece, and even says she would be willing to take a lie detector test.  I tend to believe that the media (especially the paparazzi) drummed up a story where there wasn’t one for the sake of selling papers in cases like these.  It almost doesn’t matter whether it is true or not at this point.  Hopefully Tiger was faithful and he figures everything out, but the power of the media to completely trash a celebrity’s image is undeniable and this is a prime example.

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