Ryan Miller Hits Photographer in Face With Puck (Video)

Ryan Miller Hits Photographer in Face With PuckThis shot was one in a million.  Ryan Miller, the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres, doesn’t get the opportunity to really work on his pinpoint accuracy that often.  He’s a goalie, so obviously his focus is more on stopping the puck and clearing it then anything else.  In fact, when it comes to Ryan Miller, he is just about the best in the league right now at stopping the puck.  But on Monday night, he got to show off his deadly accuracy as well.

Besides helping his Sabres to a 3-0 shutout victory over the Maple Leafs, he made a trick shot that seems almost impossible, especially for a goalie.  The little hole in the boards behind the goal is there for photographers to get clear photos of the action as it occurs.  The announcers point out that the hole is so small and high up, that in practice the players screw around trying to put the puck in the hole, but can never really do it.  Yet Miller seemed to have no problem at all.  It looks like he aims right at that thing and just pops the puck through.  Unfortunately the photographer on the other side took it right in the face.  He didn’t get slashed in the head or anything, but it doesn’t look fun for him.

The announcers are hilarious about it too (no, I don’t mean those goofy Canadian accents, although those are funny as well), continuing to point out how lucky the photographer is that he got hit in the face instead of having his camera get hit.  I’m sure the camera is expensive, but that bruise looks pretty painful, doesn’t it?  Also it was definitely a classy move for Miller to make sure he was alright and then give the cameraman his stick after the game.  Thankfully there was only one guy to take the stick, so no fights broke out over it.  I mean you never know with hockey fans.

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