Hot Brazilian Bikini Roller Boxing..No Joke! (Video)

Hot Brazilian Bikini Roller BoxingI’m not sure there is much to say here that could make this better than it already is.  If it was just called “Roller Boxing”, we can all agree that would be downright stupid.  Add bikini to it and the game changes entirely.  Then you throw in the word “Brazilian”, which has come to imply sexiness when it comes to women, and you’ve got something that will have guys coming back for more.

Brazilian Bikini Roller Boxing will probably not ever reach the popularity of the major sports, or even lesser sports.  While it may never get huge, you can be sure with a concept like this, we will continue to see clips spread across the internet as long as it exists.  Similar to the Lingerie Football League, this new sport combines sexual exploitation with games of skill to bring men everywhere a pleasant treat.  These women aren’t exactly “athletes” like the crazy gymnasts or that gorgeous pole vaulter Allison Stokke, but that hardly matters.

The video clip provides some clumsy moments, but also some great ass shots.  Also there are some odd cut-scenes that add to the hilarity.  For instance, at one point, it appears the two women are humping each other and for some reason it cuts to a video of a dog humping another dog.  Strange?  Yes.  Hilarious? Definitely.

Keep it coming Brazil, we will keep tuning in.  I promise.

Hat Tip Video – [BarstoolSports]

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