Elin Nordegren Offered $80 Million to Stay With Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren and Tiger WoodsOkay, I know we are all sick of the Tiger Woods coverage (besides the hilarious photoshop of him with a bruised face).  But every time I feel like I’ve run out of things to say about him, another crazy story pops up.  This one might be the craziest, and is definitely the least flattering for Tiger.  Apparently he is now offering his wife Elin Nordegren $80 million to stay with him over the next 7 years.

Here is how the deal supposedly works out:

And the revised agreement provides for a staggered schedule of payments spread out over five years that could be worth upward of $75 million. So for Elin to collect $80 million, she’ll need to stay with Tiger another seven years. Even if she lasts only two more years, she’ll still walk away with nearly twice what she was entitled to under the original prenup.

This is way worse than the actual affairs.  While the affairs are of course terrible, they can be attributed to mistakes or poor judgment.  His “apology” notwithstanding, this move by Tiger shows that he never really cared about Elin or anyone but himself and his money.  The only reason he would try to buy Elin off like this is to maintain his public image and most importantly his sponsors.

So it comes down to this for Elin.  She has been completely supportive and a team player for Woods their entire marriage.  Does she take the money to stay with a man that she obviously doesn’t love? (I mean if you take money to be with someone, you don’t love them)  Or does she walk away and still collect a hefty sum, just not as much?

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