Raiders Fans Want Al Davis Out as GM Make Billboard (PIC)

Raiders Fans Want Al Davis Out as GM Make BillboardAl Davis has been the crazy owner/GM of the Raiders for what seems like an eternity, and Oakland fans have had just about enough.  While they have little power to directly create change in the front office, that isn’t stopping them from trying.

What is it with these NFL fans thinking billboards are the way to influence ownership?  A group called “” has purchased a billboard on the freeway right near the Oakland Coliseum pleading with Davis to step down as GM.  The sign reads “MR. DAVIS, DO THE RIGHT THING, PLEASE HIRE A GM.”  The group that purchased the sign claims to have over 20,000 signatures on a petition that not only calls for Davis to step down as GM, but for him to bring a Super Bowl-caliber coach on-board and “agree to refrain from intervention in personnel or football operational matters.”

For a franchise that has won 3 Super Bowls under Al Davis’s tenure, things have slipped quite a bit.  The Raiders now sit at 3-8 and haven’t made the playoffs since 2002.  You know things aren’t good when people are making jokes that you should sign a pigeon for special teams.  Davis has been a controversial figure through good seasons and bad, but the team has hit a new low the last few years and many feel Davis’s unorthodox style has become anachronistic in the modern NFL.

It seems unlikely that a control freak like Davis would relinquish management of the Raiders, but maybe even he is getting tired of the losing.  Only time will tell what happens.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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