Serena Williams ‘Nip Slip’ Wardrobe Malfunction (Pic)

Don’t you just love how the term “wardrobe malfunction” has come to mean “see a celebrity’s private parts” in our culture?  Well we’ve got another “wardrobe malfunction” for you.  This time it’s Serena Williams, and it is pretty hot.  Now Serena isn’t exactly my type, but as I’ve discussed before, there is something very sexy about a woman that is amazing at tennis (and dresses in little tennis skirts of course).

Last we heard from Serena, she was threatening to kill a line judge in a tennis match.  As hot as that was, I mean it was kind of hot to see her go nuts like that, it was generally bad news for everyone involved.  Her vacation in Barbados was the exact opposite though.  Not only is she enjoying the beautiful blew water and sand of the beach, but we all are getting to enjoy a little something that came out the top of her bathing suit to say hi as she was boogie boarding.

Apparently Serena is dating Common, and from the looks of these photos he is a lucky man.  And to all you people out there who say you don’t think she’s hot (I guess there are a good amount of you), you aren’t appreciating the sexiness of success.  That’s just a little lesson for the non-believers.  Okay I’ll stop talking and let you stare at the picture for a while.

Serena Williams Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead] via [GyantUnplugged] and if your interested in the NSFW PIC [Click Here]

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