Stanford Football Coach Insults Gays (Video)

Stanford Football Coach Insults GaysWe can’t be 100% sure about what Stanford coach is saying in this clip, but there seems to be very little doubt.  After declaring that the ref’s holding call was “bullshit” and calling the referee an “@$$hole”, he then proceeds to use what appears to be a gay slur.  Maybe he’s not as angry as that Craigslist degenerate was, but he still seems ticked off.

In one of Stanford’s biggest games of the year, on national television, both Notre Dame and Stanford needed the victory.  Although Harbaugh was livid over the holding call, his team would go on to win the game 45-38 and likely secure a spot in a decent bowl.  His comments were inappropriate, but it’s time for the television crews to start taking some responsibility for these problems.  Everyone knows that the language on the field of play during live sporting events isn’t exactly PG.  So why do the cameras keep zooming in on coaches and players when they are obviously fired up and cursing?

I doubt we will be hearing an apology from Harbaugh, as he and his brother are notorious jerks.  In the long run though, I think our focus should be more on the networks that broadcast this offensive stuff than just blaming the players and coaches.

Also, not to let Harbaugh off the hook or anything, but maybe…just maybe…he said “F#$%ing @#$hole Fingers”.  Or maybe not.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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