Allen Iverson Cries During Press Conference With 76ers (Video)

Allen Iverson Cries During Press Conference With 76ersAllen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game.  While you may think that his value now, in his later years, is significantly less than he thinks it is, it’s hard to argue that he didn’t have a huge impact on the game.  That being said, I think most of us are way more excited to have Iverson-76ers press conferences back than we are to see his aging game return to the hardwood.

We all remember his infamous “practice? we talkin’ about practice?” tirade in his younger days in Philly.  Don’t worry, he didn’t let us down in the press conference he held in his return to the 6ers.  Iverson has always had a huge heart and he has always worn it on his sleeve.  Works for us.  As he started talking about his transgressions in his younger years (I think he was trying to explain why teams were reluctant to sign him), he broke down in tears.  It’s always fun to see a normally tough hard guy fall apart like that.  If he could just blame his teammates’ fat little girlfriends for a loss, that would be the ultimate moment.

Will AI’s return to Philly mark a resurgence in his career and the 6ers season?  That I can’t tell you, though my guess is he will be good for about 15 points a game and maybe a few wins here or there.  Also he’s playing next to a much more mature and talented Andre Iguodala, so that could help a lot.  What I do know is this, the return of the wacky Iverson press conference looks to be as fun as it ever was.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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