Buffalo Bills Coach Steamrolled on Sideline (Video)

Buffalo Bills Coach Steamrolled on SidelineI don’t know how many of you watched the Bills-Jets game last night.  I’m pretty sure only like 17 people not from Buffalo or New York tuned in.  But for those of you that didn’t catch it, you missed out on a hilarious moment.  The Bills coach was standing on the sidelines when a Jets player came barreling out of bounds and destroyed the coach.  At least those kids getting nailed by the young LT were wearing pads.  Ouch.

While seeing a non-player get knocked over by a player in any sport is fun, the best part about this clip is the coach’s face as he realizes he won’t be able to get out of the way in time.  We would all probably react that way, but he was lucky enough to be caught on TV doing it.

The Jets won an ugly one last night 19-13 over the Bills.  For the Bills, it has been a rough season and this loss took them to 4-8.  Things may not be as bad as they are in Oakland, but it isn’t pretty.  Although Terrell Owens has been stepping it up lately, there still aren’t that many highlights out there for Bills fans.  You know its bad when one of your best moments of the season is your coach getting taken out on the sideline.  My sympathies go out to Bills fans, but for now, we can all join together and laugh at this guy.

As the guys in the video say, it looks like he “shits his pants”.  Great stuff.

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