Chicago Bears and Illini Crop Logos form on Chicago Farm (Pics)

Chicago Bears Field and Illini Crop Circles

Being a devoted sports fan can go one of two ways.  There are the crop circle making fans and then the rest of us.  While you have to respect some fans devotion, its hard not to wonder what kind of people devote so much time to creating crop circles honoring their team that probably took enormous amounts of time.  Not only that, but they did it in relative obscurity.  This is in complete contrast to how Raiders fans express their interest in their team.  No one would really have been able to see them from the ground, and its only by luck that someone stumbled on these pictures on google maps.

If you look closely, what you can see is that they are essentially corn mazes in the shape of a Bears logo with players playing football and cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Just north of the Bears design lies another one.  It is the logo of the chief, representing the Illinois Fighting Illini.  Someone must have forgotten to tell the people that made these things that the Bears are mired in one of their worst seasons ever and most of America forgot that Illinois even has a football team (except Michigan, they know).

Since I called them crop circles, I feel obligated to address the alien question.  Is it possible that some being from another planet came in the middle of the night and made these?  Come on now, we all know it was some country fella who loves his teams more than he loves, say, sleeping at night.  Personally I prefer a fan that puts their efforts into rhyming with the word “vagina”, but that’s just me.

What about you?  Do you respect this display of fanhood, or think its way over the top?  Or both like me?

If you still dont believe us look at the images below or check out google yourself by Clicking HERE

Chicago Bears Crop Cirlce

Chicago Bears Field Crop Circles

Illini Crop Cirlce

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