Vivid Offer $1 Million For Stories of Tiger Woods’ Mistresses

VividHey, did you hear Tiger Woods was in some sort of car accident?  Just kidding, of course you did.  The amount of money that is being thrown around in this Tiger Woods saga is just staggering.  Now it is being reported that Vivid Entertainment is offering $1 million dollars to any of Tigers’ former mistresses that steps forward and gives them her story about the affair.  Vivid will then make and release a movie about the affair.  Apparently Vivid has made movies starring Kim Kardashian and rapper Ray J, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty and international TV star Shauna Sand-Lamas.  That doesn’t exactly sound all that legitimate to me, but that’s not the problem.

Tiger Woods is a bad father and husband, yes, and no one is trying to take away anything from that.  That being said, however, these women are the worst kind of people.  The ones that have already come forward and the ones that surely will come forward are the kind of spotlight-hungry fiends that our 24 hour news society has created.  Companies like Vivid Entertainment are only partially to blame.  Think about it like this: Those “other women” of Tiger’s could have easily managed to force Tiger into paying them off to keep quiet, and probably gotten as much or more money than the amount they are going to get from the slimy entertainment companies (I’m looking at you Vivid!).

So why would they choose to come forward instead?  To make a name for themselves.  It must not matter to them what kind of name, since it is pretty clear to the rest of us that they will be seen as homewreckers and sluts.  Even though I just trashed those women, I must say I will definitely tune in if one of those women come forward and make a movie.  Uh-oh, I think I am part of the problem.  Oh well.

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