Weird Alabama Fans Burn Florida Gators Pennant (Video)

Weird Alabama Fans Burn Florida Gators PennantI don’t know how many of you are what we like to refer to as “hillbillies”, so hopefully I won’t offend anyone.  But let’s just say these farm boys are doing nothing to dispel the image of southern folk as a bit crazy and a bit trashy.  I know SEC football is serious, but what is it about burning things and running them over with your pickup truck while firing guns into the air that appeals so much to southerners?  Why couldn’t they just spend weeks making corn mazes like us midwesterners?

If you haven’t heard, Florida is playing Alabama in the SEC Championship game tomorrow.  It is a battle between the #1 and #2 team in the country not only for the SEC, but for a berth in the BCS national championship game.  Understandably emotions run high when so much is at stake.  In this video, ‘Bama fans express their feelings towards their Florida brethren by burning a gators banner, then running it over and screaming like crazy people. Too bad they can’t express their feelings like hot Florida fans, but you can’t win them all.

The fact that they are wearing masks tells you pretty much all you need to know.  If you are planning on doing something on camera but are too embarrassed to show your face while doing it, its usually because its a bad idea.  Obviously these diehards didn’t have a problem with it though.

Hat Tip Video – [HotClicks]

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