Buckeyes’ Star Evan Turner Breaks His Back Following A Dunk

Evan Turner Breaks BackIt seemed like a highlight reel moment in the making.  As he drove to the hole, Evan Turner had his sights set on laying down a thunderous dunk against Eastern Michigan.  What he did not anticipate was the pain he would have to go through during the aftermath of the play.

With the lane cleared out, the junior guard out of Ohio State went up with two hands, but after taking a foul from behind, Turner missed the dunk and held on to the rim a fraction of a second too long.  This caused his feet to swing out from under him, and he landed flat on his back.  Players from both teams watched as he winced in pain on the ground.  You can even hear him uttering the words “Oh F*ck.”

It was later revealed that Turner will be out about eight weeks with a transverse process fracture on the second and third lumbar vertebra of his spine.  “Oh F*ck” indeed!

Turner was in the midst of a spectacular season, averaging 20.6 points, 12.9 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game.  He was a front runner for Big Ten Player of the Year and All-American honors, but this injury will surely derail the possibility of receiving such accolades.

As one of the nation’s top college players, Turner seems to have received the Blake Griffin” treatment in this instance, but whereas much of Griffin’s punishment came from opposing players, Turner has become the victim of his own self-inflicted abuse.

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