Crimson Tide Female Beats Gator Male in Half Time Throw-Off

Crimson Tide Female Beats Gator Male in Half Time Throw-OffThose of you who were able to take in all the great NCAA football action this weekend likely witnessed thrilling games for the Big East, SEC, Big 12 and ACC championships.  If you stuck around your television for halftime during each of the games, you also witnessed some equally exciting matches as part of the Dr. Pepper “Throw For Scholarship Dough” competition.

In each of the games, one lucky fan was chosen from each school to compete for the chance to win $123,000 in scholarship money.  The rules were simple.  Forty-five seconds to throw ten balls through a hole five yards away.  The participant who gets the most in, wins.

During the SEC championship game in the Georgia Dome, it appeared as though the winner of the big cash prize had been decided before the first ball was even thrown.  After all, girls can’t throw a football, right?  WRONG!

The match up for this contest pitted a female from Alabama against a male from Florida.  The male, Daniel Margil, was busy gator-chomping his way to the line, while the Alabama female, Sarah Beth Hill, remained calm and poised to outperform her opponent.  That is exactly what she did.  Daniel hit an impressive 8 of 10, but it was no match for Sarah, whose slow and steady approach resulted in her making her first nine attempts before missing on a meaningless final throw.  She didn’t quite have Drew Brees-like accuracy, but she was about as close as you can come.

And so once again, we are reminded that when it comes to a battle of the sexes, never underestimate the power and ability of a female athlete.  And although Daniel can expect to hear it from his friends and family, about how he lost to a girl in a throwing competition, he can take some comfort in the fact that Sarah was good enough to beat just about anybody, male or female, on this day.

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