Daniel Carcillo One-Punch KO’s Matt Bradley (Video)

Daniel Carcillo One-Punch KOs Matt BradleyIt can be intimidating facing the Philadelphia Flyers at the Wachovia Center.  They have seemingly reincarnated the “Broad Street Bullies” mentality with the likes of Ian Laperriere, Riley Cote, and Dan Carcillo patrolling things on the ice for them.  On Saturday night, it was the latter of the three who was looking to send a message to the visiting Washington Capitals.  The only problem was his counterpart, Matt Bradley, was not set to receive it.

With the score tied 1-1 just under 15 minutes into the first period, Bradley had Carcillo in his crosshair along the boards.  He landed what seemed to be a rather harmless check on the Flyers’ tough guy, but Carcillo didn’t appreciate it and went right after Bradley.  Unable to provoke the Caps’ winger into a fight right away, Carcillo delivered an unexpected right cross to the jaw that would knock Bradley out.

Replays show that Bradley was about to drop his gloves as well, but Carcillo did not give him enough time to get his hands up and protect himself.  The NHL felt it was a cheap shot and responded by handing down a four game suspension without pay to Carcillo.  He is a repeat offender and will therefore forfeit $43,597.56 of his salary to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Dan Carcillo surely delivered a knockout blow to the chin of Matt Bradley, but rather than adding another win to his fight record, we will likely be chalking this one up as a DQ.

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