Allen Iverson Cheered in Return to Philly (Video)

Allen Iverson Cheered in Return to PhillyAllen Iverson‘s career has been on a steep decline these past few years.  Not just his on-the-court skills, but also his off-court issues.  After finally getting traded out of Philadelphia, he spent a season and a half with the Nuggets and then about half a season with the Pistons.  Although he was still effective in Denver, the Nuggets were unable to live up to the potential that an AI-Carmelo combination garnered.

After not being resigned by the Pistons, it looked like Iverson’s career might be over, until the Grizzlies came along and offered him a one-year contract.  That fell apart after AI found out he was going to be relegated to bench duty.  He was released shortly thereafter and with no suitors coming forward, he announced his retirement.  That’s when the 76ers came calling, giving AI a chance to rejuvenate his career with his old team, the team he once led single-handedly to the NBA Finals.  The 76ers and Andre Iguodala needed help bad this season, having won only 5 games thus far.

That story all leads us to last night.  Following his emotional press conference, Iverson returned to Philadelphia last night and was announced to booming cheers from the crowd.  Although Philly fans are known for their negativity, on this night they showed Iverson that they loved him.  He gave his heart for that city for over a decade, and it was nice to see them reward him for it.

No matter how you feel about Iverson, the fact remains that he is one of the ultimate competitors in the league.  Hopefully he can find a place for himself in Philly where it all began.

Hat Tip Video – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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