Hilarious Fedor Emelianenko Korean Snickers Commercial

Hilarious Fedor Emelianenko Korean Snickers CommercialFedor Emelianenko is very hot right now.  He successfully defended his championship belt against Brett Rogers last month with a stunning TKO in the second round.  When an athlete seems so invincible on their respective field of play, you know that a hilarious commercial or two featuring that athlete is on its way.  What you don’t know is that the commercial may not be playing in the United States.  It may in fact be a Korean commercial.

Fedor stars in this Snickers commercial which was made for Korean television.  There are no words, so the language barrier is pretty much gone, although the culture barrier still clearly exists.  Fedor is walking through an airport shaking hands and giving fives to his many screaming Korean fans.  All of a sudden, a young Korean boy (man?  I cannot for the life of me tell how old that kid is) locks hands with Emelianenko and without saying a word, an arm wrestling challenge is thrown down.  Another random Korean pulls up some suitcases for them to wrestle on.  Fedor toys with the kid for a second, then throws him over for the victory.

While the commercial is funny, I’m not sure what the message is.  It seems to be saying that if you eat a Snickers, it will make you dumb enough to challenge one of the world’s best fighters to a test of strength, yet not give you the energy needed to beat him.  So to every Korean boy out there, go grab a Snickers and then get your ass kicked!

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