The Stat Line of the Night – 12/7/09 – Chauncey Billups

Chauncey BillupsWhile Allen Iverson‘s return was the big story going into last night’s game, Chauncey Billups put on a performance that was far superior.  He also helped his team to a victory.  In the middle of last season, the two all-stars were swapped for each other, with Billups heading to Denver and Iverson going to Detroit.  Their careers have gone in completely opposite directions since the trade, with AI flaming out a bit and Billups helping lead his Nuggets to playoff success.

Billups absolutely smoked AI and the 76ers last night, shooting 8-15 from the field, 4-6 from behind the arc, and 11-11 at the free throw line.  He finished with 31 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, while adding a steal to the mix.  He hit big 3s in the 3rd quarter to help close the Nugget deficit from 9 to 3.  In the 4th he hit another big 3 on the way to a 22-3 run that iced it for the Nuggets.

Billups didn’t just fill up the stat sheet, he made big shots when they were needed and shut Iverson down on the defensive end during his return to the 76ers.  On a night when Carmelo Anthony struggled a bit, Chauncey picked up the slack and led the Nugs to a big road win.  That is why Chauncey Billups gets the Stat Line of the Night.

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