Tiger Woods Mother-in-Law Rushed to Hospital From his House

Tiger Woods Mother-in-Law Rushed to Hospital From his HouseIn another bizarre development in the Tiger Woods saga, his mother-in-law Barbara Holmberg was apparently at his house last night when she was rushed to the emergency room on “advanced life support”.  There are many conflicting reports about her condition and whether she has been released from the hospital or not.  What we do know is that there seems to be no bottom for Tiger Woods right now, even homeless people are taking potshots at him.

While it is unclear why his mother-in-law was at his house and what exactly happened to her, speculation ran wild this morning, with some sources thinking it was another woman and others guessing that it was Tigers’ wife Elin herself.  Now that it is confirmed it was his mother-in-law, speculation is running rampant once again.  Was she there confronting Tiger and got so worked up she became ill?  Was there a physical altercation?  Until further facts surface, this will just be more wood for the out-of-control rumor fire that is spreading daily around Tiger.

This story has two sides, and I’m not talking about who’s right and who’s wrong.  I’m talking about the intrusiveness of the media on Woods personal life.  While his exploitation of his success through sponsorships and other money making endeavors makes him vulnerable to this scrutiny, at some point there has to be a line.  His family is suffering as well and the guessing and speculation being printed as facts at every turn is only worsening the situation.

It is unlikely that this will end anytime soon, but our prayers have to go out to the family, who did nothing wrong and is suffering immensely.

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