2009 NHL Power Rankings: Week 10

Jimmy HowardNot as much movement as usual for week 10’s NHL Power Rankings but, we do have a new number one ending San Jose’s reign.

Red ArrowThe biggest loser in our NHL Power Rankings this week were the Montreal Canadiens and Anaheim Ducks both falling four spots to end up at #26 & #28. The Canadiens put their 100th season celebrations into high gear this past week as December 4, 1909 was the first ever game for the franchise, just too bad it wasn’t inspiring enough to help the Habs win more than one game during the week. Meanwhile the Ducks are the surprise in the West so far but for all the wrong reasons as they are now sitting last in the conference.

Green ArrowThe biggest gainer in our NHL Power Rankings this week were the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild all moving up three spots to land at #11, #12 and #24 respectively.  The Bruins have been playing a lot better since the return of Marc Savard while the Red Wings have finally been getting some solid consistent goaltending, however it’s come in the form of Jimmy Howard and not Chris Osgood. The Wild on the other hand are apparently starting their up hill climb after a tough start.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NHL POWER RANKINGS for week 10.

Rank Team Record PRV Comment
1 Washington Capitals 18-5-6 Green Arrow2 Fared well without Alexander Ovechkin winning all three games and currently have a 5 game winning streak heading into week #11.
2 Pittsburgh Penguins 20-9-1 Despite some key injuries throughout the season the Pens have been able to tough it out and remain one of the top teams in the league.
3 San Jose Sharks 19-7-5 Red Arrow2 Their week started out promising beating the Sens but then lost to the Blues and Flames in their last two games.
4 New Jersey Devils 19-7-1 Have started the month of December on a good note winning two of their first three games.
5 Calgary Flames 18-7-3 Won two out of their three games last week including a 5-0 shutout win over the Predators.
6 chicago-blackhawks 18-7-3 The future’s looking even brighter these days in Chicago after the team announced the multi-year contract extensions signed by Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith.
7 Phoenix Coyotes 17-11-1 Green Arrow2 I think someone forgot to tell the Coyotes that their ownership mess was supposed to be a distraction as they’ve been one of the pleasant surprises so far this year and are on a 4 game winning streak.
8 Los Angeles Kings 17-10-3 Green Arrow2 Things are looking good for the Kings as they won two of their three games last week and it was announced that they’ll be hosting the 2010 Entry Draft.
9 Colorado Avalanche 15-11-1 Red Arrow2 Click Here to check out Kyle Quincey‘s nice hit on Steven Stamkos.
10 Buffalo Sabres 16-8-2 Red Arrow2 Click Here to see some highlights from the Sabres last week. Surprised they could find some after being outplayed by the Maple Leafs and losing to the Rangers.
11 Boston Bruins 15-9-5 Green Arrow3 Another solid week for the Bruins beating the Lighting and Leafs by a combined score of 11-3.
Detroit Red Wings 14-10-5 Green Arrow3 Jimmy Howard is starting to prove that he belongs in the big leagues and has been slowly taking over as the new #1 in Detroit after out playing Chris Osgood the past few games.
13 Nashville Predators 16-11-2 Click Here to take a look at the Predators new third jersey which made it’s debut last week.
14 Philadelphia Flyers 13-12-1 Red Arrow3 Are hoping a coaching change will end their current slide and have them playing like everyone expected heading into the season.
15 Columbus Blue Jackets 13-11-5 Red Arrow3 Will look to end their current three game losing streak as they face the Panthers, Predators and Ducks this week.
16 Dallas Stars 13-8-8 Green Arrow2 So-so week for the Stars going 1-1-1, but due to some other teams having worse weeks were able to climb a few spots.
17 Atlanta Thrashers 15-8-3 Green Arrow2 Thrashers looking solid as they beat divisional opponents Florida twice last week.
18 New York Rangers 14-14-1 Red Arrow2 After a great start to the season the Rangers have been on a downhill slide lately, losing two of their three games last week.
19 Ottawa Senators 14-10-4 Red Arrow2 It was the best of times…it was the worst of times!?! You stupid monkey! Terrible week for the Sens losing all three of their games.
20 Vancouver Canucks 16-13-0 Green Arrow1 Click Here to check out and vote for your favourite Canuck highlight from the past week.
21 New York Islanders 11-11-7 Green Arrow2 Had an up and down short week beating the Thrashers then losing to the Lightning.
22 Edmonton Oilers 12-13-4 Green Arrow2 Had a short but tough schedule last week beating both the Red Wings and Stars.
23 Tampa Bay Lightning 11-9-8 Red Arrow3 Long and tough week for the Lightning losing three of their four games to the Avalanche, Bruins and Devils.
24 Minnesota Wild 13-12-3 Green Arrow3 Amazing week for the Wild winning all three of their games. Don’t look now but Minny are starting to climb up the standings after a terrible start to the season.
25 St. Louis Blues 12-11-5 Green Arrow1 Nice week for the Blues beating the Sharks and Kings, both via the shootout.
26 Montreal Canadiens 13-14-2 Red Arrow4 Habs picked the wrong week to play like crap as they celebrated their 100th season. However, they do have this cool interview with hollywood actor Viggo Mortensen up on their website.
27 Florida Panthers 11-13-5 Green Arrow1 Classified under the “Did That Just Happen?” category, winger Radek Dvorak will play in his 1,000th career NHL game on Monday night.
28 Anaheim Ducks 10-13-6 Red Arrow4 Are on a brutal 5 game losing streak that sees them sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference.
29 Toronto Maple Leafs 8-13-7 Are hoping to get goaltender Jonas Gustavsson back ASAP after he underwent his second surgery to correct an elevated heart rate.
30 Carolina Hurricanes 6-17-5 Were able to put an end to their 5 game winning streak with a 5-3 win over the Canucks Saturday night.

Be sure to check back next week with our NHL Power Rankings for Week 11.

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