Norwegian Goalie Makes Amazing Goal-Line Save (Video)

Norwegian Goalie Makes Amazing Goal-Line SaveThe announcers in this clip are almost as exciting as the save itself.  Sure, Lars Volden made a miracle goal-line save in a GET-Ligaen match between his Stavanger Oilers and Valerenga on Tuesday, but the real highlight was listening to the Norwegian announcers go crazy announcing it.  Just kidding, the announcers are fun, but the save was far better, although it may have been as much luck as it was skill by Volden (sort of like the luck/skill combo Miller used to crack that photographer in the face).

Volden makes an amazing kick-save with his back foot, just barely pulling the puck back before it crossed the line for a goal.  While the puck’s momentum appears to have stopped, it took all of Volden’s focus in that split-second to kick it out instead of kicking it back in or even letting it slide in on its own momentum.

While the save was spectacular, the rest of the night did not exactly go well for Lars.  Although he wasn’t leaving as open a net as the goalie in that soccer clip from today, the Stavanger Oilers ended up losing 5-1, so whatever skill he employed to save that goal was clearly lacking the rest of the night. On a final note, I hate to be the one to start this controversy, but….did the puck cross the line?  I’m not saying it was a goal, but that call could go either way.

Hat Tip Video –  [Puck Daddy]

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