Tennessee Hostesses Add Extra Incentives to Play Football There

Tennessee Hostesses Add Extra Incentives to Play Football ThereIt is a good time to be a highly recruited high school football player in this country.  Not only do you have coaches and boosters offering you money, cars, and other perks, but apparently they can also offer beautiful women to pleasure you.  Or at least that seems to be the implication of Tennessee’s “hostess” program.  Ever since Lane Kiffin took over, things have been interesting to say the least.

These “hostesses” do a number of things.  First off, they travel as far as 200 miles to watch top recruits play high school football and hold signs that say “come to Tennessee”.  That is the most concrete thing that we have about what it is that these hostesses do.  Apparently the organization they belong to is called “Orange Pride”, described as:

“a group of students whose primary duty is to promote the University and its strong academic programs, rich traditions, and winning athletics program to campus visitors and potential student-athletes.”

Are we jumping to conclusions?  Yes we are, but then why is the NCAA investigating these “hostesses”?  Also, the face of this program, Lacey Pearl Earps, posted pictures of herself hugging a host of different high school recruits.  Comments on those posts imply that something more than just friendly visits to the schools occurred.  And what about the now-dead threads from VolNation.com, singing the praises of these women as “the unsung heroes of recruiting, just ask Bryce Brown”.  Yeah, the Bryce Brown that is now currently a Tennessee freshman and claimed god told him to go to UT.  Hmmm.

I wish Tennessee was recruiting me.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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