Chad Ochocinco to Change Name Again to Chad “Hachi Go”

Chad Johnson…err…Ochocinco is always up to no good.  From celebrations to other crazy on-field antics, this guy never seems to quit.  For some reason, while all his peers are criticized so heavily for doing similar stunts, Ochocinco’s got a sort of charisma and charm that gives him a free pass.  I mean not free like he doesn’t get fined by the league, but free in terms of public image.  He’s just too fun to hate for very long.

Speaking of fun, the reason for this wonderful post is his new plan.  He is thinking about having another name change, from “Ochocinco” to “Hachi Go”.  But why “Hachi Go” you ask?  Well in general my answer would be that you shouldn’t ask questions starting with “why” when it comes to Chad.  There does seem to be a reason, however strange though.  Apparently there was a Japanese film crew in Cincinnati to do an NFL piece for a Japanese show.  The crew told Ochocinco that he has tons of fans over there and that he should seriously think about changing his name to “Hachi Go” which means, of course, “85”.

Being the showman that he is, of course he is considering the proposal.  Take a look at the jersey he has already prepared for the occasion.  We can only hope that he ends up doing it, since it will certainly be entertaining to see what commissioner Goodell thinks of this nonsense.  Carry on with the show Mr. Ochocino!

Chad Hachi Go

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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