Girl Runs Smashes Face on Base of Baseketball Net (Video)

Girl Runs Smashes Face on Base of Baseketball NetThis is a fail, plain and simple.  And it looks way more painful than the hockey player crashing through the boards.  The poor girl is attempting something that must require a running start, but she gets tripped up on her own feet and goes crashing into the ground and basket support.  Her face will not be happy with her in the morning, that’s for sure.

What is puzzling is trying to figure out what she is attempting.  My gut feeling is that she was going to try to jump and touch the rim, although it seems like it would be obvious that an average-sized girl lacking in coordination would be unable to accomplish the feat.  On the other hand, she seems about as intelligent as a porn star.  Also she runs past where it would make sense to jump to make an attempt at the rim before tripping over her own feet and slamming into the basket support.

The mystery of what the hell this girl was attempting notwithstanding, the video itself is hilarious.  Also while she is lying there in clear pain and unable to really move, her friend who is filming the action sort of saunters over while laughing hysterically.  This girl’s misfortunes are hilarious enough, but to see her friend laugh at her instead of being understanding raises the humor to another level.  Ouch.

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