Miracle Football Play Wins Game (Video)

Miracle Football Play Wins GameIf you have ever heard the term “that’s probably not how the coaches drew it up”, then you know it applies to this insane football play.  With only 2 seconds on the clock and his team down by 2, the team lines up in a shotgun formation with an empty backfield on their own 32 yard line.  The situation would normally call for a hail mary, but the coach of this team decided to go another route.  If I were a degenerate gambler, a play like this would have driven me insane.

The quarterback hits his receiver over the middle who sees that he will be tackled if he continues in that direction so he reverses field and starts to run and then laterals it back to a teammate.  The laterals continue throughout the play, by my count about 15, until finally one of the players runs it into the end zone.  You see plays like this at the end of games a lot, but the lackadaisical effort by the defense allows this one to carry on far after it should have ended.  And it isn’t like the players on the winning team had “getting away from cop” speed.   The resulting touchdown is well-deserved after the never-die attitude displayed by the winning team.

The announcers are excited, screaming throughout “he’s looking for a block!”  Miraculously, there is not a single holding call or forward pass that would have resulted in the touchdown not counting.  The play reverses fields several times to the point that it almost gives you a headache to watch, but the final result is well worth the wait.

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