Ohio State Lineman Proposes at Team Banquet (Video)

Ohio State Lineman Proposes at Team BanquetOhio State football players aren’t necessarily known for their intelligence, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be romantic.  Lineman Jim Cordle is a great example of this.  In one of the ultimate aw moments in sports, he gets down on one knee and proposes to his longtime girlfriend Kerry McNally at the Ohio State football team’s end of the season banquet.

While Cordle goes on and on a bit with his thank yous to different people, you can tell his anxiety is building and that he is extremely nervous when he walks over to propose.  Coach Jim Tressel said it best:

“He extended our banquet by 15 minutes because he kept rambling and thanking all these other people and hesitating. But he did a great job once he pulled the trigger.”

For all the scrutiny we put athletes under, both amateur and professional, its nice to see something good once in a while.  A surprise proposal is always fun and Cordle pulls it off.  Now personally, I know my girlfriend said she would kill me if I ever proposed to her at a sporting event because guys don’t understand that the proposal is for the girl and not for the guy (since most guys would think its pretty cool to do it at, say, a Cubs game).  This is not exactly a sporting event though, and I’m sure his lovely fiance was thrilled to have been asked in front of so many friends.

Anyways, its nice to have a surprise sports story that doesn’t involve Tiger Woods sleeping with a porn star or Chad Johnson trying to hog the limelight with a name change.  That’s not to say those things aren’t fun, its just nice to have a positive story for a change.

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