Puma’s Viral Ad Boasts Graphic Sexual Reference

Puma's Viral Ad Boasts Graphic Sexual Reference

So apparently Puma is claiming this ad photo is a fake, although that seems unlikely considering the genius of the ad.  At first glance it seems pretty harmless, but if you look closer at the woman’s shapely leg, you will notice a little bit of man juice on it.  Now zoom your focus out a little bit.  Yup, she’s on her knees in front of a man.  The implication of oral sex now seems like more than an implication, doesn’t it?

Sex has always been used to sell products and services, but shoe companies had not embraced that approach fully in the past.  Now with the Reebok commercials involving women’s asses communicating with each other, as well as their chests talking to each other, it looks like the shoe marketing departments are going in a different direction.  I felt those Reebok ads were a bit over the top, but funny enough.  Now upon seeing this crazy photo, I’m inclined to think that Reebok might want to step its game up.  I would much rather have my woman wearing the shoes that might get me a blow job over the shoes that make my woman’s ass whine and complain.  Enough of that comes from their mouths, agreed?

Just kidding about all of that, just had to make the joke.  So where does it go from here?  Full frontal nudity in Nike ads?  Adidas ads featuring girl on girl action?  I look forward to seeing what’s next.

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