Soccer Goalie Jens Lehman Takes a Leak During Game

Soccer Goalie Jens Lehman Takes a Leak During GameI don’t want to make this into a whole “Is soccer awesome or not” debate again, but this video from a game between Champions League teams Stuttgart and Unirea Urziceni last night definitely helps the argument for soccer in my humble opinion.  In no major American sport could a player get away with sneaking away to take a piss during a game.

Jens Lehman, the 40-year old Stuttgart goalie, had to pee pretty bad.  Being as that soccer is a game of constant but slow action (unlike American football which has a lot of short bursts of action surrounded by brutal announcing and commercials), Lehman decided to hop over the advertisement board and relieve himself.  It is unclear what he’s peeing on, although if you look closely it appears to be a black box of some kind.

You have to think his coach would be upset with him, but he was able to hop back over the board and recover in time to be ready for the streaking Romanians coming towards his goal.  I don’t see what the problem with it was, if the man had to pee, he was surely going to be more effective if he got that out then if he had to hold it for god knows how long.  I would definitely be more upset with this flipping goalie, or perhaps this terrible one.  And hey, Stuttgart pulled off the 3-1 victory, so I’m sure no one is complaining.  I am definitely not.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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