Intent to Blow Rule Negates Habs Scott Gomez’s Goal (Video)

Intent to Blow Rule Negates Habs Scott Gomezs GoalThe name of the rule alone should clue most people in to the fact that it is a terrible thing.  The “intent to blow” rule in hockey basically states that the play does not in fact end when the ref’s whistle blows, but actually when he forms the intent to blow the whistle.  Without even seeing it in action or fully understanding how it works, you can tell that it is a terrible rule.  Just ask Red Wings fans what they think of the rule.

Not only is it a terrible rule on paper, however, but it is actually causing all kinds of problems on the ice as well.  This goal from the Montreal game which was called off last night is a prime example of how it can go wrong.  A goal was scored pretty much simultaneously with the whistle (there is definitely an argument that the goal came before the whistle), and the goal was called off because of the intent to blow.  Apparently the ref had already formulated the intent to blow his whistle before the puck went in the net, which resulted in the goal being called off.  The Canadiens ended up losing the game 3-2.  Ouch.

Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t this what replay is for?  The rule itself in a vacuum is obviously stupid, but if the refs used replay then they could correct any of the errors made, right? Its baffling how these major sports resist replay so much, but then when they finally introduce it, they are reluctant to actually use it properly.

Or, just get rid of this dumb rule.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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