Iowa Rappers The Next Big Thing? Rap About Their Hawkeye’s

Iowa Rappers The Next Big ThingI’m not sure this video wasn’t meant as a joke, but regardless it is pretty funny.  The image of a pudgy white Iowan rapping makes me laugh before I even look at the video.  Its not that the guy is a bad rapper, its just that he’s some white farm boy trying to be a rapper.  He’s not exactly going to be beefing with 50 Cent or anything.  You know what I mean?

Throughout this ridiculous video the kid is rapping about cornfields and Iowa Hawkeye quarterbacks.  Not the usual street life you would expect for a rap song.  Better yet, I found out that the rapper’s name is “Notti Boy” and get this, the song was recorded at “Kornfed” studios.  I guess if I lived in Cedar Rapids I would be looking for something to do too.

And where did all that money come from?  It was probably mom and dad’s harvest stash, so if you were expecting any corn this season you can forget it now thanks to Notti Boy.  And is that really the proper pronunciation of “Hawkeyes”?  Sounds more like “Hoke-eyes” to me.

Okay okay, I’m no great judge of hip-hop, but the truth is this kid isn’t that bad.  His rap flows pretty well.  I just find it hard to believe anyone will want to hear a fat white guy rap about Iowa.  Make it rain Notti Boy!

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