Soccer Goalie Scores Crazy Goal (Video)

Soccer Goalie Scores Crazy GoalThis goalie in a soccer game came all the way down to the other end of the of the field and headed in an amazing goal to win the game for Standard Liege in a crucial game.  The goal, and subsequent win, propelled Sinan Bolat‘s team into the Europa League.

Impressed?  I know I am.  Considering the ineptitude of some goalies we’ve seen lately who could barely do their job of protecting their own goal, this is spectacular.  While it seems odd that the goalie was all the way at the other end of the field, there is a very logical explanation for it:

Standard Liege were on the edge of European elimination in Wednesday’s Champions League game against AZ, but a late goal from goalkeeper Sinan Bolat helped the Belgians to a 1-1 draw, sending them into the Europa League in the process.

“I looked to the bench to get permission to go forward and they all nodded to allow me to leave my goal,” Bolat told after the match.

Makes sense to me.  I am not as familiar with soccer as I am with other sports, but I know “pulling the goalie” is something that is far more common in hockey than soccer.  That being said, it was clearly a good choice here, and if teams have athletic goalies that can come out and contribute, why not?  Standard Liege was tied 1-1 late in the game and there was no reason for them not to take the risk of leaving an open goal.

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