BJ Penn’s Vicious Leg Kick Cuts Diego Sanchez (GIF)

BJ Penn Vicious Leg Kick Cuts Diego Sanchez

BJ Penn proved why he’s the best lightweight in the world. Coming into a match up that was said to be a competitive match up, pitting the number one contender Diego Sanchez against the champ, but nothing of the sort happened Saturday night. Penn destroyed Sanchez en route to a 5th round TKO stoppage due to a vicious cut. Sanchez who is known for his unlimited gas tank, and tremendous heart had no answer for the boxing, and take-down defence of Penn. Sanchez attempted an astounding 27 take-downs and was not successful in securing one. Another telling stat of the domination of Penn was the measly 8 punches landed by Sanchez during the entirety of the fight. Penn was able to come out in a blister and rock Sanchez early in the first round, but to Sanchez’s credit he was able to weather the storm. But don’t mistake this for him doing anything offensive, Sanchez was merely holding on the entire fight and posed no offensive threat.

It almost looked like BJ let up after rocking Sanchez just in order to fight more. Penn has long Diego Sanchezbeen questioned for his cardio and dedication to the sport but with the showing last night, all these questions were answered. With a vicious head kick in the 5th Penn cut Sanchez wide open, with blood spraying out. The doctor was forced to stop the bout.

The question now becomes where Penn goes from here. With no clear contenders left, one would think another venture into the welterweight division might be warranted.

Not the MMA math means anything, but, Sanchez gave both Josh Koshchek and Jon Fitch very close fights, although losses. One would think Penn would fare much better just simply based on the method in which he beat Sanchez down. So to me the best thing for BJ and his fans is to move up and work his way to a welterweight title shot against Georges St. Pierre.

GSP-Penn III anyone?

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