LeBron James Grabs Quick Snack in Stands During Game

LeBron James Grabs Quick Snack in Stands During GameLeBron James is known for his in-game antics as much as anything else.  From dancing to jawing, his nonsense has been met with a mixture of criticism and appreciation.  While his celebrations have been inappropriate and disrespectful at times, usually they are fun and not meant in a negative way.  And we all know about his crazy football full-court shot during practice.  Although that wasn’t in a game, it clearly shows he is the kind of guy that likes to goof around and have fun.  This clip shows him eating a fan’s fries in the stands after a made basket, and it definitely will make you laugh.

In the clip, LeBron jumps out in front of a pass and picks it off, then goes coast-to-coast and lays the ball in.  His momentum carries him into the stands, where he decides to grab a few fries from a fan’s lap.  Although the Cavs were not on their home court, the Thunder fans don’t seem to mind the opportunity to interact with James, with one kid even getting a high five from King James.

When he’s dancing around or talking trash to the opponents when they are up by 20, that is uncalled for and lacks a certain class.  This seems good-spirited though and fun for everyone involved.  Interactions with players are always fun (except for the Malice at the Palace of course) and there is no reason to condemn him for this one.  Hell, I would definitely share my fries with James, wouldn’t you?

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