Diego Sanchez Face Must Hurt (Pic)

Diego Sanchez may not be back for a while

The UFC may have reached a point where the welterweight and lightweight belts look to be stuck around the current champs waists for the foreseeable future. Barring both champs moving up to higher classes, it seems there’s no one that has a legitimate shot at beating both BJ Penn and GSP in there respective divisions.

The argument can be based simply on the way GSP beat down Jon Fitch, the consensus number 2 welterweight in the world, and the way Penn demolished number one contender Diego Sanchez.  A telling image that shows you the dominance of both champs is that of both Fitch and Sanchez after their respective fights. Fitch was bloodied up with his left eye basically closed shut, and Sanchez could arguably be worse.  Having a cut cover half his forehead, a swollen eye, and a lip that was basically split in two, don’t expect Sanchez in the ring any time soon.

I almost feel bad for Sanchez as he is a tenacious fighter that always leaves everything out in the ring, but he was simply outclassed against Penn, and one has to wonder where Penn goes from here.

Hat Tip Image – [CageWriter]

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