Swedish Hockey Referee Performs CPR, Saves Player’s Life

Swedish Hockey Referee Performs CPR, Saves Player's LifeIt is easy to portray officials of any sport as the enemy, and hockey refs are no exception.  When they call a good clean game without any problems, everyone seems to think “well they should because that is their job.”  And in those cases when they happen to make a few blown calls, players, coaches and fans can’t help but become enraged by their poor perception.  At times it may be enough to make you want to throw something onto the ice.

So is there ever really a good time to praise a referee?  Yes!  Right after he performs CPR on the ice to save a player’s life, as was the case in the Swedish Allsvenskan League this past weekend.

After being hit by a Bofors player, Niklas Lihagen of Orebro HK fell to the ice and went into cardiac arrest.  That was when referee Wolmer Edqvist stepped into action, administering CPR in an attempt to restart the heart of Lihagen.  Being an ambulance driver, Edqvist was well aware of the situation and his ability to quickly respond helped save the life of Lihagen as his heart was revived and he was taken away in an ambulance.

Such a scary incident is nothing new in the world of sports, but it is surely enough to remind both players and fans that there are much more important things than the games they play.  One of those things being their health and well-being.  In this case, Lihagen still has his thanks to the rapid reaction from referee Wolmer Edqvist.

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