Tiger Woods Saga now a Hilarious Editorial Cartoon

Tiger Woods Saga now a Cartoon at The New York Times

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Tiger Woods.  The best golfer in the world has gone from being virtually anonymous with his private life, to becoming one of the biggest stories of the year.  The backlash and media scrutiny received by Woods for his alleged affairs can be attributed to the fact that he is not only the best golfer in the world, he is arguably bigger then the sport itself.  This is why his case is much larger then sports news, it is news on a larger scale.  An example of this would be this cartoon that was printed by Steve Kelley at NOLA.  The cartoon is usually reserved for political opinions, but instead they have featured one about Tiger.

This wouldn’t be the first example of images popping up on the Internet poking fun at Tiger. You all remember the homeless man and his infamous sign?

Call me old fashioned but I think I’d rather have my favourite sports stories stay in sports media, instead of getting national coverage. A good Simpsons cameo would work alot better then cheating on your wife with a dozen women Tiger.

Hat Tip Cartoon – [Cartoons of Steve Kelley]

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