Devin Harris Drops Jamario Moon Driving to the Basket (Video)

Devin Harris Drops Jamario Moon Driving to the BasketBig hit’s make up a big chunk of the daily highlights. Hit’s from football, like Keith Thompson delivering the hit of the year, or Oklahoma State’s quarterback getting absoloutely leveled against Georgia, or even hockey, like Dan Carcillo dropping Matt Bradley with a sucker punch.  But rarely do you see a big hit in basketball, seeing as contact isn’t encouraged as much as in football or hockey.

Tuesday night when the Cavalier’s played the Net’s, Devin Harris dropped a pretty big hit on Jamario Moon who was taking it hard to the hole for a dunk. The play received a flagrant 2 because Harris dragged Moon down by putting his arm’s around moons neck. As a scuffle broke out soon afterwords, Lebron James jumped in and bear hugged Harris in order to avoid further confrontation. We’re used to seeing Lebron making crazy shots off the court, but it’s nice to see him take a leadership role on the team and looking after his players. He knows a fight breaking out on the court does good for nobody.

After the game Moon held no ill will towards Harris, stating that,

“I’ve never known him to make dirty plays. I don’t think it was dirty at all. It was a basketball play. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.”

I think Harris may have gone a bit too far in what he did, but it is a fine line between playing hard and playing over the edge. I think Harris may have crossed that line here, as it looked like a dirty play that could’ve seriously injured Moon.

Hat Tip Video – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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