2009 NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

Josh Morgan #84 and Michael Crabtree #15The NFL sucks this season. As a fan we’ve been treated as usual (New York/Philadelphia was like a Seagal movie, and I looooove Seagal), but as far as quality teams go, the talent is scarce. It’s weird that in a year the MVP award could go to a perrennial QB candidate like Peyton Manning, a guy threatening 2000 yards, a workhorse back on the worst team around (Steven Jackson) or a whole bunch of other cats that there should be so few good NFL teams. The Saints, Colts, Vikings and Chargers are built to win, whilst Green Bay and Philly are rising, but week 14 saw the Bengals dim and the Steelers nosedive, whilst New England looked just plain awkward.

How much talent is their in the NFL outside of the those 8 top dogs? Arizona? The same Cardinals team that just succumbed to an abject 49ers? How about Baltimore? A team that has no offense against anyone who tackles better than me. I love it as usual, but the NFL really sucks this year.

Player of the Week

Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall – Tough to seperate an 11 for 193 2 TD beast, and a 21 for 200 and another 2 TDs surehanded erm… beast. Get used to the names because these two will be dominating the NFL landscape for the next 5 years.

Under the Radar Performance of the Week

Chad Henne – Very quietly Chad Henne is assuming the role of an NFL calibre quarterback, and he’s right on the verge of transitioning from game manager to game winner. His 21 of 29 for 220 (albeit with a nasty pick thrown in) was an efficient effort that should put a smile on Tunafin fans.

The Biggest Movers and Shakers

downIf there was a year that Pittsburgh were going to go off the boil and yet still make the playoffs, this was it. The AFC sucks, and by dropping them 7 I hope I’ve shown that Pittsburgh are firmly stationed within that mire of suck.

upGreen Bay jump 3 and with a number 1 ranked defense to backup one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Green Bay are very much the team to avoid in the 09 postseason.

Here’s how the rest of the NFL played itself out in week 14:

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 Indianapolis Colts 13-0 As Brandon Marshall went about setting NFL records, Indianapolis went about WINNING THE GODAMN GAME! Focus people. 22 and 0. Up Next: @Jacksonville Jaguars
2 New Orleans Saints 13-0 New Orleans aren’t bathing themselves in glory, but Drew Brees is on a different planet right now so frankly, it really doesn’t matter.  Up Next: Dallas Cowboys
3 Minnesota Vikings 11-2 This was an excellent performance to steady the ship after an uncharacteristic loss. Maybe a red hot Green Bay has lit a fire in their hearts. Up Next: @Carolina Panthers
4 Cincinnati Bengals 9-4 With the Williams Wall putting the dampers on Ced Ben (he performed admirably under the circumstances), Carson Palmer was asked to throw. The lack of a pass catching back, tight end, or number 2 receiver was his downfall in this game, and possibly their season if no one steps up. Up Next: @San Diego Chargers
5 New England Patriots 8-5 This was a bad day at the office. I don’t want to doom monger, so move along. Next! Up Next: @Buffalo Bills
6 San Diego Chargers 10-3 Dallas played some tough D early, but yet again Vincent Jackson and Philip Rivers put on a show that no secondary in the league could interupt. Up Next: Cincinnati Bengals
7 Philadelphia Eagles 9-4 up2 Here’s hoping DeSean Jackson has matured into the trusted hands Donovan McNabb so badly needs. It is Christmas afterall, so what’s the chance of a double miracle and Brian Westbrook returns in week 15? Up Next: San Francisco 49ers
8 Green Bay Packers 9-4 up3 Green Bay’s protection issues reared their head again after a string of solid games, but if that was just an off day from a fixed front line then Green Bay are looking good to cause some damage deep into the playoffs. Up Next: @Pittsburgh Steelers
9 Dallas Cowboys 8-5 down1 What more can be said? Dallas suck in December, San Diego are awesome in not just that month, but most of the year really. Up Next: @New Orleans Saints
10 Arizona Cardinals 8-5 Way to take a two steps forward and ten steps back. A costly loss in San Fran opens the door for a needless divisional battle. Up Next: @Detroit Lions
11 Denver Broncos 8-5 up1 Denver put together a multitude of slick drives but championship contenders turn those yards into 7. Denver just found out why they won’t be in the Super Bowl come the new year. Up Next: Oakland Raiders
12 Baltimore Ravens 7-6 up1 It’s a pity that it takes Detroit’s tackle adverse defense to kick start this offense; let’s hope there’s some reality to a dominating performance. Up Next: Chicago Bears
13 New York Giants 7-6 up1 New York showed some spark but they still came up short in a contest that would of thrusted them right back into NFC East contention. Up Next: @Washington Redskins
14 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-7 down7 Pittsburgh’s season is all but over, which will doubly sting since the Bengals are fading just as badly. Up Next: Green Bay Packers
15 Tennessee Titans 6-7 up1 I guess someone has to finish second in the AFC South. Maybe Jacksonville, Houston and Tennessee could work out some sort of rotation rota for the postseason. They’ll have the time because NONE OF THEM WILL BE THERE! Up Next: Miami Dolphins
16 Miami Dolphins 7-6 up1 Miami are a very tight side that is no longersupported by a gimmick offense, given their winnable schedule (Tennessee, Houston and Pitt) Miami are my dark horses for the second AFC wildcard place behind Denver. Up Next: @Tennessee Titans
17 Jacksonville Jaguars 7-6 down2 As soon as I show them respect and move them up 4 they go and capitulate like they did on Sunday. What are you doing to me Jack Del Rio?!. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts
18 New York Jets 7-6 If you’re a mediocre team or less, see the Jets for a hiding. All the rest are to report to the win column. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons
19 Houston Texans 6-7 Explosive, young and dominant on their day; sentiments that can describe Andre Johnson and the Texans in general. Unfortunately for both, neither are likely to see the postseason in 2009. Up Next: @St. Louis Rams
20 Atlanta Falcons 6-7 Atlanta put on a show in their division, and perhaps were a little unlucky to see a weak interference call and big dropped passes go against them, but hey… this is the Falcons in 2009. Just. Not. Working. Up Next: @New York Jets
21 Washington Redskins 4-9 Washington deserve this win because they’re offense is improving behind a clampdown defense, and frankly 3 wins was a miscarriage of justice. Up Next: New York Giants
22 San Francisco 49ers 6-7 up1 If the 49ers could have stitched the beggining and the end of their season together then they may be playoff bound, as they are, their only solace is playing in the weakest division in football. Up Next: @Philadelphia Eagles
23 Carolina Panthers 5-8 I’m glad that the Panthers have time to call out others for ‘giving up’. 5-8… really speaking from a position of authority Carolina. Up Next: Minnesota Vikings
24 Seattle Seahawks 5-8 down2 San Francisco are a lifeless franchise who have the tools to win now, but the coaching staff to lose lots. What happened to a team poised for a breakout circa 2007? Up Next: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
25 Chicago Bears 5-8 Chicago are just too soft on defense to mount a charge, and when Jay Cutler is going to thro lazy picks like he did on Sunday, then they’ll be plenty of opportunities to show this fact off. Up Next: @Baltimore Ravens
26 Buffalo Bills 5-8 Buffalo secured an earth shattering victory that secures their position as ‘best of the very worse’ in the TPS Power Rankings. Up Next: New England Patriots
27 Oakland Raiders 4-9 On the brink of an unwelcome return, all hope of a comeback for JaMarcus Russell’s career were dashed when Charlie Frye was named starter in lieu of the injured Bruce Gradkowski. Considering we know how terible Frye is, that’s a pretty hefty burn on OffThe JaMarkus Russell. Up Next: @Denver Broncos
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-12 Josh Freeman is slipping in my estimations. He has the tools and shows flashes of touch, but his decision making is horrific. He needs the offseason of a lifetime to become a winning QB in 2010. Up Next: @Seattle Seahawks
29 Kansas City Chiefs 3-10 Kansas City are slowly realising what we all did a year ago; there’s a reason Matt Cassel has been a backup since high school. Up Next: Cleveland Browns
30 Cleveland Browns 2-11 up2 Cleveland showed an urgency and vibrancy that secured them their most momentous win in recent years. Unfortunately it means they’ll likely miss out on number 1 overall QB talent in Jimmy Clausen. What’s the reverse of a silver lining? Up Next: @Kansas City Chiefs
31 Detroit Lions 2-11 down1 Insert your ‘coaches’ handbook on how not to tackle’ joke here. Up Next: Arizona Cardinals
32 St Louis Rams 1-12 down1 On one hand the Rams were embaressed again, but on the other a Browns’ victory means St. Louis will likely have first dibs on whatever collegiate talent they want in 2010. Up Next: Houston Texans

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings post week 15.

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