Kobe and LeBron MVPuppet Shoe Mystery Solved (Video)

Kobe and LeBron MVPuppet Shoe Mystery SolvedPeople can’t seem to get enough of Nike’s Kobe-LeBron puppet commercials.  My favorite was definitely the one where LeBron is throwing chalk everywhere and screaming “Woo!” Even though the NBA hype machine failed us last season by not bringing everyone the Kobe-LeBron Finals we all wanted to see, apparently Nike thinks we are still enamored with the matchup that never was.  They are probably right though, since there would probably be nothing better ratings-wise than a Cavs-Lakers Finals.  In case you thought otherwise, the NBA scheduled the primetime Christmas Day game to be LeBron v. Kobe.

Anyways, back to the crazy puppet commercials.  In the new series of spots, LeBron’s shoes have gone missing and he has hired a detective to help him solve the mystery.  In the last episode, we found out the shoe was missing and the spot ended with Mrs. Lewis from downstairs saying she knew where the missing shoe was.  This new episode reveals the fate of the missing shoe: Kobe’s pet snake ate it.  Although Kobe hilariously denies the snake belongs to him, its pretty obvious it did.

Hopefully for Nike and the NBA, LeBron and Kobe can both stay competitive and make it to the Finals.  The Lakers are doing their part and after a slow start by the LeBrons, the Cavs have begun to round into the dominant power in the East that they should be.

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