Sara Galimberti is Italy’s Hottest Track Star (25 PICS)

Sara Galimberti

Okay I’m going to go on record here saying that Allison Stokke still reigns supreme with the hottest pictures EVER of a track star (the one where she’s holding the pole and leaning backwards is the best).  That’s just one picture though.  Sara Galimberti may not have that one recognizable photo, but she’s got an amazing body and has actually even received some awards for her looks as well as her athletic talents.

Galimberti is 18 years old and is mostly known for her running on the track.  She competes in the 800 and 1500 meter races.  She is from Lombardia, Italy and actually is the 5-time regional champion there in both those races.  She also has placed 3rd at the Italian Junior Championships.

But that’s not all.  She has actually recently entered in some beauty contests, and was named Miss Lombardia earlier this year.  Looking at the pictures of this gorgeous young lady you can tell why she won.  Oh and she also entered the Miss Italy competition but fell short there.  I guess being the most beautiful track star doesn’t necessarily make you the most beautiful woman in all of Italy, but I can forgive her for that, I mean look at that face?  How could you stay mad?

Hopefully Miss Galimberti continues competing in both track and pageants, and we get the honor of seeing more pictures of her circulate around the web.

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