Chad Ochocinco Gets Emotional About the Late Chris Henry

Chad Ochocinco Gets Emotional About the Late Chris HenryFor all the criticism of professional athletes that goes on when it comes down to it, they are only human and tragedy can strike them just like it can strike anyone else.  If you haven’t already heard by now, Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry passed away Thursday morning after he was hurt during a domestic dispute.  Everyone connected to football in any way is mourning the death of this young man the last couple days.  Chad Ochocinco, his former teammate and friend, helps to sum up all our feelings about such a terrible event in this interview taken in the Bengals locker room

Chad, who is known for his crazy antics and resistance to rules and authority, finally got serious when it came to talking about Chris Henry.  He talks about his last conversation with Chris and how they used to check in with each other before games and at other times.  He also questions his faith a bit at the end of the clip, wondering how God could take someone so young.

While Chris Henry was no saint during his lifetime, it seemed like he had really cleaned up his act.  Regardless of that, the tragedy of seeing someone with so much promise passing away at such a young age is heart-wrenching.  I think we can all share Ochocinco’s deep emotional angst over this situation.

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