Impossible Made Golf Shot Down A Winding Staircase (Video)

Sweet Golf Shot on StairsI don’t know whether to give these guys respect or mock them.  They spent lord knows how long setting up a mini-golf-type obstacle course for a golf ball starting at the top of a long staircase and managed to get a ball through the course and into a cup at the bottom of the stairs.

Let’s pretend the guys who made this aren’t complete losers with nothing better to do and look at the fun parts of the shot.  First of all, they set up what appears to be an epic miniature golf hole going down several flights of stairs.  With a series of cups, tubes, and other random household items they were able to guide the ball all the way down and into the cup.  It actually is a pretty cool shot if you look closely, as they had to place all the equipment in just the right spots and hit the ball with exactly the right amount of force.

My guess?  Based on the amount of stairs and the excitement of the people who did it, it was probably done in a fraternity or college dormitory by some bored coeds.  Physics majors? Perhaps.  Whoever they were and whatever useless thing they are up to now, we salute them for giving us 47 seconds of golf entertainment that doesn’t involve Tiger Woods sleeping with a cocktail waitress.

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