Islanders Nate Thompson Whiffs on Empty Net (Video)

Islanders Nate Thompson Whiffs on Empty NetMore than one person should be embarrassed by this little clip.  During the Islanders-Rangers game last night, the Rangers got the best of the Islanders 5-2.  The highlight (or lowlight if you will) of the game was not a made goal, but instead this huge slip-up by Nate Thompson of the Islanders.  We have seen some bad misses before in soccer, but this one might be the worst ever.

Henrik Lundqvist put on a great show of goalkeeping throughout the night, but he did have one ugly mistake that was thankfully covered up by an even uglier one by Nate Thompson.  As Thompson streaks up the ice on a fast break, Lundqvist comes out of the net to stop him, but trips on his own skates and goes skidding towards the boards, leaving Thompson with a wide open shot on an empty net.  Thompson, however, panics and flips the puck wide of the goal missing entirely.

Although the goal may not have made all that much difference in the shellacking taken by the Islanders, it was in the 2nd period and could have possibly swung the momentum in the game.  We’ll never know what could have been though, and Thompson will probably be seeing that miss in his nightmares (and all over the internet soon enough).

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