New York Post: ‘Tiger Plays Golf – At Night!’

Tiger Plays Golf - At Night

Tiger Woods being on the cover of the New York Post is not exactly news these days, however, that is exactly what makes it news.  The Post title, which is hilarious and stupid all at once, states “Tiger Plays Golf – At Night!”  I bet you’re confused about why this is news.  After Woods was on the cover again today, that makes 20 consecutive days he has graced the cover of the Post.  That is the most ever in the history of the Post.  Guess what held the old record? 9/11.

Should we be worried that our society has basically deemed that the Woods story is more important to us than 9/11?  Yeah, we should.  But instead of delving into that murky issue, what about the issue of our obsession with the Woods story?  Why has this story become so much bigger than pretty much any other story this year?  ValleyWag makes an interesting point about it:

Tiger Woods’ apparently voracious sexual appetite created a scandal big enough to truly feed, and even sate, the ever-hungry Web. It’s been an uninhibited bacchanal of mistress galleries, trashy YouTube embeds and gossip scooplets. So if the Tiger Woods coverage leaves you feeling exhausted, it’s because the celebrity sausage factory has been running at an obscenely and unprecedentedly fast tilt.

As an internet writer of sorts, this strikes a chord with me.  This scandal has had so much material for the internet that it is sort of the perfect storm for a story that will blow up everywhere and last for weeks and weeks as more information leaks out.

More important than 9/11?  I can’t leave that out there without saying this: Hopefully the New York Post (an unreliable and sensational source at best) does not truly reflect society’s values.  Hopefully.

Hat Tip – [Valley Wag] and [Devil Ball Golf]

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