‘That’s an Absolute Rib Tickler’ – Will Skinner Crushed (Video)

Lee Thomas Lays Out Will SkinnerWho does what to who?  Exactly my reaction to this clip, and then I realized it was a rugby highlight.  While most people in the States don’t follow rugby at all, hits like this make me wish I did.

Unlike hits in hockey (I guess that bat didn’t exactly have any pads though) or football, rugby hits are much more raw and physical.  Why, you ask? As you watch the clip take a look at the pads and equipment the players are wearing to protect themselves from bone-shattering hits like this one.  There are no pads or safety equipment!  These guys are the craziest of all, exposing themselves completely to crushing hits like this one.

It’s likely that this Will Skinner character will not be playing any rugby for a while after that.  Lee Thomas looks like quite the thug, not even showing an ounce of remorse on his face for this clean rough hit on Skinner.  The announcers are really great as well.  One of them declares “Good news is that’s gonna hurt for a long time” and “He won’t be surfing for 6-7 months”.  The announcers don’t seem all that shaken up by the hit, so it must be a common occurrence in rugby.  I think the word “rib-tickler” is a bit of an understatement, though, don’t you?

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