Canada’s Patrice Cormier Lays a Vicious Elbow on Anton Rodin

Canada's Patrice Cormier Lays a Vicious Elbow on Anton RodinLine changes are pretty routine in hockey.  Most or all of the players skate off quickly while a new unit comes on the ice, right?  Well not in this game between Sweden and Canada.  Canada was up 4-0 about halfway through the 2nd period when Patrice Cormier laid a huge elbow into Anton Rodin‘s face.  The Canadian Cormier was somehow unsatisfied with the huge lead they had built up and decided that a message needed to be sent.

This is what makes hockey so great and yet so fatally flawed.  The physical nature of the game makes it more fun to watch in some ways than any other sport, but it also creates a dangerous situation for many of the players.  It’s possible that the Swedes were playing dirty up to that point and I am all in favor of retribution, but this dirty hit seems to just come out of nowhere.  Rodin couldn’t have even thrown down and fought it out since he was basically out of commission.  As Cormier and the Canadian team are moving towards the bench of a line change, Rodin comes skating up the ice and Cormier just nails him as he goes off the ice.  It is sneaky and you can’t even see it well until the announcers point it out and then zoom in on it.

So am I being too critical of this hit?  Sure.  Hits in general are what make hockey great (unless they are on accident, that isn’t pretty).  This was an extremely dirty play though and you can be sure that if it were my teammate that took that hit, there would be revenge.

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