Njokuani Knocks Out Horodecki With Swift Kick to Head

Njokuani Knocks Out Horodecki With Swift Kick to HeadThe octagon is no place to let your guard down and get cute, but that is exactly what Chris Horodecki did and things did not work out too well for him.  Anthony Njokuani made his move midway through the first round with a huge kick to the head and the fight was called shortly thereafter.  High kicks that connect are one of the most exciting parts of MMA.

After the first few minutes of the fight, it appeared it would be anyone’s match.  Njokuani actually got a take-down just prior to the huge kick to the face but Horodecki managed to squirm out of it.  As he was trying to move away from Njokuani and get space, he sort of lackadaisically skipped away exposing his back to his opponent.  With no protection for any part of his body or head, Horodecki left himself exposed to the possibility of a huge hit.  Njokuani was happy to oblige, making a quick high kick to the head that put Horodecki down on the ground and on the defensive.  After taking a few more hits to his unprotected head while in a daze, the ref called the fight.

I know it’s easy to say that if you were in the octagon you would be focused for the entire 10-15 minutes (if it went that long), but when you are actually out there I’m sure it’s tough to be aware of every possible lane of attack at all times.  That being said, Chris did not seem to be taking Njokuani too seriously.  I bet he will now.

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