Snowboarder Clings to Edge of Cliff for His Life (PICS)

Snowboarder Clings to Edge of Cliff For His Life

I know snowboarding and skiing is fun, and believe me I enjoy watching it on TV whenever the Olympics roll around, but these kinds of stories are what make me terrified of actually getting off the bunny hills.  There’s a difference between fearless and careless.  Fearless is what this photographer did when he snapped the pictures of the car crash.  Careless may describe Austrian Kurt Welden, a 31 year old man, who was out for a nice snowboarding trip when he found himself clinging to the edge of a cliff for dear life at the Moelltal Glacier in Carinthia, Austria.

After traveling off the marked trail, Welden realized he was hurtling towards the edge of a cliff but was able to stop just in time.  As you can see from the crazy photos, he dug a little bit into the snow so he could hang on to the edge and await help.

Help eventually did come for Welden.  After about an hour rescue workers were able to lift him out by helicopter.  I’m not sure how he hung on for that long without his board slipping or losing his grip on the mountain, but by some miracle he survived.  Apparently the Moelltal Glacier is over 9,800 feet above sea level at its highest point.  A little advice for Welden and others skiing on these high peaks: stay on the trail!  I’m not sure if it was by accident or on purpose, but staying on the trail is the key to not ending up hanging off a cliff for dear life.

Hat Tip Images – [Daily Mail]

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