Tommy Kelly Loses His Pants During Raiders-Broncos Game

Tommy Kelly Loses His Pants During Raiders-Broncos GameCan we just take a moment to thank god or whoever you believe in that Tommy Kelly was wearing a jock strap?  If not, we may have been exposed to some serious defensive lineman frontal nudity.  Although the Raiders pulled out a 20-19 victory this week, things have been so bad for them that jokes about a pigeon joining the special teams unit don’t seem that far-fetched.  Tommy kelly losing his pants was not a pretty sight either.

On this goal line play, Knowshon Moreno tries to run the ball on the right side of the line and runs into a brick wall of defenders.  One of those defenders, Tommy Kelly, finds that his pants have been almost entirely removed during the play and we get a good long look at his thick d-lineman legs.  It’s not exactly appetizing.

I’m not sure what it is about football players losing their pants during games, but this year it has happened twice now, with Devin Hester giving us a full moon a few weeks ago.  My theory is that the players just want to show off their goods to the ladies on national television, but maybe there was some bad equipment or something.

Either way, I think most of us can agree that we do not want to see giant NFL players without pants on.

Hat Tip Video – [DeadSpin]

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