Hilarious Frank and Tiger Woods Commercial Spoof

Hilarious Frank and Tiger Woods Commercial SpoofRemember those old commercials with Tiger Woods talking to his tiger-puppet club cover?  The tiger was named Frank and the commercials were actually pretty funny.  Those commercials were years ago though when things were good for Tiger.  Now an embattled Tiger is fighting to save his empire and his family.  With all the affairs surrounding him and the trips to the hospital, he has been in the spotlight for far more negative reasons than ever before.  While it is sad to see a star fallen, it also gives us an opportunity to mock him like this homeless guy did, and who could pass that up?

Apparently the makers of this Frank and Tiger parody couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  They dub over the old commercial of Tiger talking to Frank with all new wildly inappropriate dialogue.  The dialogue is hilarious and raunchy and basically is just a string of sex references.  While it is mean and in bad taste, that’s exactly what makes it funny.

My favorite line? “Yeah, puppets get wood too!”  Parodies like this are usually hit or miss, but this one was definitely a hit.  They should remake all his other commercials as mockeries.  I’d laugh.

Hat Tip Video – [Barstool Sports]

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